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This site provides the reader with access to David Brumbaugh's writings, helpful tips and supplies for cooling tower maintenance.

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The DRB Industries Brochure

The DRB Industries Brochure
This brochure contains an overview of the retrofit and construction services offered by DRB.

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Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling Media Installation & Audits
DRB Industries will install and commission Evaporative Coolers and Media in Gas Turbine Filter Houses. We are experts at installing evaporative cooling media, replacing deteriorated pads and drift eliminator for your outage schedules.

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DRB Services

DRB Services
DRB Industries LLC is the leading expert in Inlet Air Filtration and Cooling Technology Services. DRB offers a complete line of Consulting Services, Filter Testing, and Education / Training for client’s world-wide.

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Wing, Cowl, Plenum, Expansion Joint Brochure Cover

Wing/Cowl/Plenum/Expansion Joint
This publication describes these state of the art systems designed to dramatically reduce external heat transfer.

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Retrofit Exhaust Systems Cover

Retrofit Exhaust Systems
This two-part contains a vector image of an exhaust plenum complete with a description of design and features. The publication describes expansion joints and retrofit solutions for all sizes of plenum.

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Download Part 3 PDF - Plenum Vector Image

Industrial Silencers

Industrial Silencers
DRB Industries offers silencer sections in most standard Flange Patterns or special designed for your specification.

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Gas Turbine Inlet and Exhaust Cover

Gas Turbine, Inlet and Exhaust
This brochure iteamizes various products and services offered by DRB Industries to service gas turbine inlet and exhaust system.

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Gas Turbine Filter House Enineering and Design

Gas Turbine Filter House Engineering and Design
A description of DRB's filter house, engineering and design services as they relate to new or redisigned and recondition filter houses.

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Expansion Joints and Splice Kits

Expansion Joints and Splice Kits
DRB provides access to expansion joins, splice kits and related materials for most gas turbine exhaust systems.

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