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Inlet & Exhaust Systems

25 years of Combined Experience

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DRB Industries provides construction, service, and equipment replacement for your power generation project.

Plenum Description

Exhaust Plenum Design & Features

Plenum design and Specs - Click here for full-sized image of the plenum description

Clean Cowl

DRB Industries offers the “OEM Recomended Choice” for exhaust system wing, cowl, plenums and expansion joints. These state of the art systems are designed to dramatically reduce external heat transfer.

2nd Retrofit

Plenum Repair

The DRB “State of the Art” systems are designed to dramatically reduce external heat transfer. Designed with a newer cooler flange shell design the external flanges are isolated from heat, making your whole exhaust area safer/easier to operate and maintain.

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Utilizing world class manufacturers, who incorporate Six Sigma concepts and QC Guidelines, DRB Industries offers retrofit designs based on 25 years of combined experience.

DRB Industries ensures your inlet and exhaust equipment is manufactured on time and within budget. DRB offers an array of engineering design services, manufacture and installation of inlet and exhaust systems, gas turbine filter houses, inlet air treatment, plenums, silencers, expansion joints and inlet cooling systems.

Products offered also include sound enclosures, barriers, evaporative cooling modules, skid bases and gas turbine equipment.


Complete Retrofit Solutions - DRB provides construction, service, and equipment replacement for your power generation project. Our engineering fabrication and construction partners have unparalleled experience with all major gas turbine OEMs, and have access to the top structural, mechanical, civil, electrical, and control systems engineers in the industry for your specific project.

Installation and Construction - Whether you have a new design or a total retrofit of an existing system, our highly skilled installation and construction crews specialize in the installation of gas turbine auxiliary equipment. Regardless of whether it is a single component or a whole “turn-key” project, we have expertise to do it expeditiously and economically. If safety cost, schedule, and quality are important to your project, DRB Industries is your answer.

Engineering and Design Services - DRB partners have specific expertise in gas turbine inlet and exhaust application design and service; over 15 years of combined experience in design for major OEMs, such as General Electric, Siemens, MHI, & Nuovo Pignone.

For more information about DRB's retrofit services visit our services page.


Gas Turbine Filter Houses

  • Pulse and Static Barrier Filter Systems
  • Custom-Made Designs for Every Size Modular Designs from 40,000 cfm to 500,000 cfm
  • Accessories Include Evaporative Cooling and Acoustic Silencers Instruments and Electrical Specifications
  • Instruments and Electrical Specifications
  • Re-design and repairs

Exhaust Stacks and Systems

  • With an installed base of Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems all around the globe, and on offshore platforms worldwide, our partner company has one of the largest installation bases in the world. Our Exhaust Silencer Systems have the best noise reduction, safety, and regulation requirements in the industry. A variety of turbine sizes are available for most OEM models. Whether repair or replacement, we provide the very best solution for your Simple Cycle, Combined Cycle, or Cogen applications. We also offer a complete line of Diverter Dampers and Louvers for your Duct Isolation needs.

Inlet Silencers

  • Installed Base for Most Major OEMs (Since 1959)
  • Best Noise Reducation and Low Pressure Drops in the Industry
  • Wide Range of Temperature Designs

Gas Turbine Inlet Cooling

  • Complete Evaporative Cooling Modules Retrofit and Repair
  • Media Replacement and Installation
  • Fog Cooling
  • Mechanical Chillers
  • Engineering and Design

HRSG Stacks and SCR Systems

  • HRSG, CSR and EO Catalyst
  • Rebuild, Repair, Install
  • Boiler Repair


  • OEMs Recommended Choice
  • Complete Wing / Cowl / Plenum Replacement
  • Reduces External Heat Transfer
  • Cool Flange Shell Design
  • Reduce Skin Temps with "Free-Floating" Liner System

Ductwork and Transitions

  • Rebuild, Replace and Install (New Ductwork)
  • Stainless Steel and Other Material
  • Structural Reinforcement

Sound Enclosures

  • Custom-Made Designs for Every Size and All Motion Requirements
  • Silencing Calculated and Engineered for most Attenuation Ranges (dba)
  • CFD Analysis Models & 3D Imaging Sound Noise Attenuation & On-Site
  • Acoustical Testing

Speciality Products and Services

  • Expansion Joints
  • Custom-Made Designs for Inlets or Exhausts
  • Enclosures Skids
  • Mounting Hardware

For more information about DRB's retrofit products visit our products page.