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Wing/Cowl/Plenum/Expansion Joint

This publication describes these state of the art systems designed to dramatically reduce external heat transfer. Download PDF

Plenum Description

Exhaust Plenum Design & Features

Plenum design and Specs - Click here for full-sized image of the plenum description

Retrofit Exhaust Systems Cover

Retrofit Exhaust Systems

This two-part contains a vector image of an exhaust plenum complete with a description of design and features. The publication describes expansion joints and retrofit solutions for all sizes of plenum.

Download Part 1 PDF

Download Part 2 PDF

Download Part 3 PDF - Plenum Vector Image

Industrial Silencers


DRB Industries offers silencer sections in most standard Flange Patterns or special designed for your specification.

Download Industrial Silencers PDF

Expansion Joints and Splice Kits

Expansion Joints and Splice Kits

DRB provides access to expansion joins, splice kits and related materials for most gas turbine exhaust systems.

Download Industrial Silencers PDF

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Retrofit and Construction Products from DRB Industries

Plenum design and Specs - Click here for full-sized image of the plenum description

Acoustic Enclosures

Our partner companies design, build, and / or repair complete enclosure systems to include acoustic and gas turbine enclosures for all major OEMs. We specialize in meeting noise criteria with the most stringent requirements on most octive bands. Whether you are looking for a new enclosure or a retrofit improvement of an existing structure, we can provide you with the most cost-effective solution for your sound and protection requirements.

Inlet Air Filtration and Treatment

DRB Industries provides the very best gas turbine inlet air filtration available on the market today. Each of our filters, whether pulse or static barrier, carries the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. So whether you are looking for a filter change-out, a reconditioning or redesign of your current filter house, frame modifications, or repairs / upgrades, DRB has the solution to fit your needs...Read More...

Ductwork and Transitions

DRB Industries' construction partners replace, rebuild, and install new ductwork and transitions to optimize your gas turbine's airflow and performance. We replace with stainless steel and new structural reinforcement methods to provide you with the most cost effective and advanced inlet system components for your gas turbine operations.

Inlet Evaporative and Fog Cooling

DRB Industries supplies the OEM's choice for evaporative cooling media. Because of the number of installations we do nationwide, we provide our customers with below-factory discounts and use the most experienced and recommended installation crews in the industry. We make sure your pads are installed with a smooth, interlocking fit, on time, and within budget. We also engineer, design, and build evaporative cooling modules to meet your inlet cooling needs...Read More...

Expansion Joints - Our new state of the art expansion joint belt fabrics prevent insulation and heat damage from getting into the belt. They expand and contract under the harshest operating conditions...Read More...

Plenums - DRB repairs and replace transitions, wing, cowl and plenums. The floor liner of the plenum is drainable for easy maintenance, the Exterior Wall is acoustically treated, it is designed to be installed with diffuser and turbine rotor in place, the floating liner eliminates stress from expansion and contraction and the cold flange design dramatically reduces heat...Read More...

A Plenum

Silencer and Diverter Dampeners - With an installed base of gas turbine exhaust systems all around the globe, and on offshore platforms worldwide, our partner company has one of the largest installation bases in the world. Our exhaust silencer systems have the best noise reduction, safety, and regulation requirements in the industry. A variety of turbine sizes are available for most OEM models. Whether repair or replacement, we provide the very best solution for your simple cycle, combined cycle, or Cogen applications. Our silencers come in a variety of cross-sections and lengths for non-standard and application specific configurations. They meet a Broad Range of Noise Conditions.

Our superior noise attenuation and high frequency performance provides excellent noise control over a broad spectrum. DRB Industries offers silencer sections in most standard flange patterns or special designed for your specification.

We also offer a variety of absorptive pack materials designed to fit your application. Our industrial silencers are designed to also meet a wide range of temperatures (from -20o F all the way up to internal gas and skin temperatures of 200o F). Our industrial silencers come in three different standard models (including our economical low pressure drop and our high performance model, for the most demanding of acoustical and temperature environments.) We also offer a complete line of diverter dampers and louvers for your duct isolation needs...Read More...

An Industrial Silencer

Inlet Silencers

Since 1959, our partner company has designed and manufactured the finest inlet silencers in the world. Companies such as GE, Siemens - Westinghouse, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, Nuovo Pignone, and Solar have installed these silencer systems around the globe. If the best noise reduction, lowest pressure drop, and lowest maintenance costs are your goal, our expert team can replace or install an inlet silencer package to meet your critical demands.

Structural / Support Steel

DRB Industries construction crews repair and reinforce existing structural units and support steel components for your gas turbine units. Our component repair and support services also include installation and repairs of platforms, ladders, doors, etc., all to meet your demanding structural integrity requirements.

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