Gas Turbine Retrofit
Inlet & Exhaust Systems

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Gas Turbine Filter House

Gas Turbine Filter House Engineering and Design

A description of DRB's filter house, engineering and design services as they relate to new or redisigned and recondition filter houses.

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Gas Turbine Filer House

  • Filter Houses (New & Retrofit) *both Static & Pulse Filtration
  • Inlet Cooling Systems
  • Silencers (both Inlet & Exhaust)
  • Duct Work
  • Anti-Icing Systems
  • Expansion Joints

Filter House Design Applications: Includes New or Redesigned & Reconditioned Filter Houses

Comprehensive Design & Engineering Experience

Inlet Air Treatment & Augmentation for:

  • Evaporative Cooling Systems
  • Steam / Anti-Icing Systems (to include Water / Glycol)
  • Chiller Coil Systems
  • Fog Cooling Systems

Please contact DRB Industries for an gas turbine filer house quote. You may also contact DRB by calling 1-918-286-7176.