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Retrofit Exhaust Systems

This two-part contains a vector image of an exhaust plenum complete with a description of design and features. The publication describes expansion joints and retrofit solutions for all sizes of plenum.

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Inlet Air Treatment

DRB Industries provides the very best gas turbine inlet air filtration available on the market today. Each of our filters, whether pulse or static barrier, carries the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. So whether you are looking for a filter change-out, a reconditioning or redesign of your current filter house, frame modifications, or repairs / upgrades, DRB has the solution to fit your needs.

  • Custom-Made Designs for Every Size Modular Designs from 40,000 cfm to 500,000 cfm
  • Accessories Include Evaporative Cooling and Acoustic Silencers Instruments and Electrical Specifications
  • Instruments and Electrical Specifications

Please contact DRB Industries for an inlet air treatment quote. You may also contact DRB by calling 1-918-286-7176.