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Wing/Cowl/Plenum/Expansion Joint

This publication describes these state of the art systems designed to dramatically reduce external heat transfer. Download PDF

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Retrofit Exhaust Systems

This two-part contains a vector image of an exhaust plenum complete with a description of design and features. The publication describes expansion joints and retrofit solutions for all sizes of plenum.

Download Part 1 PDF

Download Part 2 PDF

Download Part 3 PDF - Plenum Vector Image

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Wing / Cowl / Plenums from DRB

Plenum design and Specs - Click here for full-sized image of the plenum description

DRB Industries and its partner company offer the "OEM's Recommended Choice”...for Exhaust System Wing/ Cowl/ Plenums & Expansion Joints.

These “State of the Art” systems are designed to dramatically reduce External Heat Transfer. Designed with a newer Cooler Flange Shell Design the External Flanges are isolated from heat, making your whole exhaust area safer/easier to operate & maintain.

Comes in a variety of liner systems (Free- Floating Liner System most common). This dramatically reduces Skin Temperature by more than 1⁄2 of the older versions. Our expert crews can install your system in just a few weeks to meet your outage schedule.

Features and Benefits

  • Colder Shell & Flange Design (Reduced Metal on Metal Contact )
  • Heat Transfer at a minimum
  • Insulated Design with External & Skin
  • Temperature Reduction
  • Thicker Internal Insulation – located between scallop bars
  • External Duct Stiffener Design
  • Floor Liner (drains) standard & most models can be installed with the Diffuser & Turbine Shaft in place

Please contact DRB Industries for a Wing / Cowl / Plenum quote. You may also contact DRB by calling 1-918-286-7176.