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DRB Services

DRB Industries LLC is the leading expert in Inlet Air Filtration and Cooling Technology Services. DRB offers a complete line of Consulting Services, Filter Testing, and Education / Training for client’s world-wide.

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Gas Turbine Inlet and Exhaust Cover

Gas Turbine, Inlet and Exhaust

This brochure iteamizes various products and services offered by DRB Industries to service gas turbine inlet and exhaust system.

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Retrofit Exhaust Systems Cover

Retrofit Exhaust Systems

This two-part contains a vector image of an exhaust plenum complete with a description of design and features. The publication describes expansion joints and retrofit solutions for all sizes of plenum.

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Retrofit and Construction Services from DRB Industries

DRB Industries LLC is the leading expert in Gas Turbine Inlet Exhust Systems, Retrofit Design Solutions, Inlet Air Filtration and Cooling Technology Services. DRB offers a complete line of Consulting Services, Filter Testing, and Education / Training for client’s world-wide. With 25 years of combined experience, DRB has the requisite inplant expertise and specialized skills to deliver consistent outstanding results that will improve your plants reliability and performance.

Retrofit and construction services offered by DRB include:

Complete Retrofit Solutions - DRB provides construction, service, and equipment replacement for your power generation project. Our engineering fabrication and construction partners have years of experience with all major gas turbine OEMs, and have access to the top structural, mechanical, civil, electrical, and control systems engineers in the industry for your specific project.

Engineering and Design - DRB has specific expertise in gas turbine application design and service; over 15 years of combined experience in the design of for major OEMs, such as General Electric, Siemens, MHI, & Nuovo Pignone.

Installation and Construction - Whether you have a new design or a total retrofit of an existing system, our highly skilled installation and construction crews specialize in the installation of gas turbine auxiliary equipment. Regardless of whether it is a single component or a whole “turn-key” project, we have expertise to do it expeditiously and economically. If safety cost, schedule, and quality are important to your project, DRB Industries is your answer.

Repairs and Upgrades - Our contracted industrial construction crews have been in operation since 1976. We work on most everything from the filter house all the way down to the exhaust stack. Our contractor holds almost all weld stamps and quality certificates necessary for your job. We manage and control everything from minor component repairs to major outages. You can be assured that your job will be done to the highest quality and be on time and within budget.

Other services offered by DRB include:

Consulting Services DRB Industries offers a variety of services related to Inlet Air Filtration and Evaporative Cooling for your plant site. Hourly rates apply to Field Services, Specialized Audits, and Commissioning Work. Expert Witness and Professional Consulting for Filtration / Cooling, Written projects or procedural guidelines will be charged on an individual basis.

Contract Consulting – DRB Industries regularly provides Consulting Services to companies on an annual basis, offering businesses a wide range of Services, Testing, Audits, Troubleshooting and Training in a package or individual assistance. (Prices are quoted based on services provided.) Contact for Quotation.

Test Services – DRB Industries will test Air Filters and Evaporative Cooling Media. Filters will be tested at an independent lab (Test Conducted ASHRAE 52.1 & 52.2, Wet/Dry Mullen Burst Testing, Physical and Granulometric Dust Inspections.)

Remaining Useful Life Testing – DRB will perform Pressure Drop & Efficiency Testing on existing filters to determine Remaining Useful Life and change out intervals testing. (ASHRAE 52.1, 52.2, EN 779, EN 1822 Filter Tests are available from an Independent Lab)

Troubleshooting – (Failure Investigations) DRB conducts Troubleshooting & Failure Investigations of Air Inlet Filtration & Evaporative Cooling Systems. (Prices are based on scope of work.)

Training and Seminars – DRB Industries provides World Class Training in a fun and informative format for groups of five up to fifty employees. Classes include Gas Turbine Filtration 1, Inlet Cooling 1 and Improving Cooling Tower Performance.

Audits and Inspections – Audits include GT Filterhouse Inspection and Evaporative Cooling Audit.

Please contact DRB Industries for a quote for your desired service.